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Legal Information for the Luxury Suites (the "Hotel"):

  • Name of Hotel: Luxury Suites
  • Address for the Hotel: C/ Alcalá, 57, 28014 Madrid (Spain)
  • Company Name: Splendom Suites Madrid S.L.
  • Registered Company Address: C/ Alcalá, 57, 28014 Madrid (Spain)
  • VAT Number: B86215415
  • Director's Name: Luis Garcia
  • Contact Phone No. / Email Address: +34 917 816 561 /

Legal Information for the Hosting Company:

  • Name of Hosting Company: Automatic Netware Limited, trading as Bookassist
  • Company Number: IE312796
  • Registered Address: 35 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, Ireland
  • Contact Phone No. / Email Address: +353 1 676 2913 /
  • Website:

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At the time of proceeding with the collection of data on the website will indicate the located in C/ Alcalá, 57, 28014 Madrid (Spain).data will not be provided or the inability to access the service for which they are being requested. Also, data may be provided on a voluntary basis with the objective of which can be provided in a more optimal the services offered.
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Contacting the Hotel

In the event of any questions concerning this Privacy Policy please contact Luis Garcia, General Manager at +34 917 816 561 or